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    Share storytelling stuff here!

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    I have great a story I heard on youtube this past week that I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on. It obviously really helps his story that he has 17 bazillion celebrities to name drop, but even if you remove the celebrity element from the story, I think that Jimmy does a great job captivating with elements of charismatic storytelling. Some things that I noticed him do especially well were how he told it in the PRESENT and included dialogue, how he his personal jokes/humor and impersonations, and his overall enthusiasm for the little DETAILS or moments that stood out (eg. standing with Jack, Tom Hanks paying him $20). I would love to share stories similarly to my friends, after a great night or party, replacing celeb name drops with people that we know. Love to hear your thoughts! Cheers

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      That is an EPIC story.

      Definitely benefits from being a surreal night. But a buddy of mine is an amazing story teller and I’ve seen him do this with the most normal nights in the world, so it’s definitely doable to captivate like this without hundreds of celebrities 🙂 Lots to learn from this one. A big element (and one that Jimmy nails here) is getting caught up in your own story. Enjoy reliving your own story and others will as well.

      I completely agree with you that telling a story in the present is HUGE. It lets the listener live it with you and really experience it, without knowing where the story is going to end. You definitely nailed a key element. And ditto on including dialogue.

      One thing I notice that I’m surprised by is that his words are super excited but his tone comes and goes, sometimes sounding incredibly excited and sometimes sounding less so. I think probably because he’s tired from the night before.

      But his pausing is amazing, he’s smiling and laughing (which as the viewer got me smiling and laughing along several times), he gesticulates very very well. I also like his funny voices and his funny nicknames (Lord Boltron himself!) which add to the story and make it fun as the listener.

      Thanks for sharing Saneel! This was a fun one to watch

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