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    First off, Charlie if you are reading this, I sent you a very, VERY important email to your Charisma on Command email. If you could read that and send me a reply, that would be wonderful.
    No one can get by on Charisma alone. You may be the most likable man on earth, able to get everyone you interact with to do whatever you want them to and make them love doing it, but still have so many limitations on what you are able to achieve. Charisma doesn’t create new ideas; it did not invent the wheel or give man the gift of flight. Charisma does not allow the schizophrenic man to identify what sights and sounds were made up by his own mind and what is really part of the world we live in. Charisma can not discover what has never been found before. But Logic can. I am going to be over the course of the next few months, giving you what I know about Logic and reasoning. For a bit of a preview, here are (at least some) of the lessons I will be covering. By the end, I hope to help you get Logic on Lock, and in doing so gain a better understanding of and control over both your life and the wonderful & terrifying world we live in.

    Logic without Charisma: why doctors fail to get anti-vaxxers to vaccinate their kids.

    Leadership without logic: A great way to get you and everyone following you to- Drink the “Kool Aid” or commit the Holocaust, and how to make sure you take part in neither.

    Cognitive Biases: Why we aren’t as rational as we think we are (and why this psychologist won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics).

    My brother’s ACL injury, surgery and Physical Therapy: Why sometimes pain and discomfort is necessary for happiness in the long run.

    You, your roommate, and a thunderstorm: a thought experiment to show how one’s perception can easily fail to reflect reality.

    Questions and Tyrion Lannister: A look into the questions Tyrion asks others and himself and how it’s kept him alive in the Game of Thrones.

    Optical Cognitive illusions: What they are and how to fall for them less often.

    Typewriters, Computers, and you: A look into how logical fallacies cause financial ruin.

    Logical Fallacies: The mental shortcuts you don’t realize you are taking and how to identify when those shortcuts fail you.

    The Fallacy Fallacy: Why man claiming that the sky is transparent because “The demon on (his) shoulder said it was.” doesn’t mean that the sky isn’t transparent.

    Game Theory: A look into selfish and altruistic mindsets, and how both effectively converge in the long run.

    Heliocentrism vs Geocentrism, Blood Letting and you: how both simply believing what people tell you is a problem and how to avoid getting ostracized for “Heresy” against common beliefs.

    The Lemming effect: Why most of you believe lemmings will mindlessly follow their brethren off of cliffs and how similar blatant lies and rumors become common and widely accepted “facts” among society.

    Banks in the Roaring 20’s: a look into Guarantees, Absolute Certainty, and why they are impossible.*!

    Survivorship Bias: what it is and how to avoid using it to make inaccurate decisions.

    Folding in Poker: when to give up and how it can increase your likelihood of succeeding in future endeavors.

    127 Hours of being stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place: a look into when to letting go of resources you have and more.

    Anxiety, ASD and me: How I used logic to gain control over my life and how it can help you do the same.

    The Charisma and Logic balancing act: A look into when to appeal to people’s irrationalities and when to contest them.

    Making Mindsets for the 5 second dilemma: How to deal with a live grenade tossed your way, and how to prepare for other such sudden, disastrous situations.

    Cooperation and Reasoning: How Humanity became the dominant species in such a small span of time and how to use both to their fullest potential.

    DISCLAIMER*!Just because guarantees always have a chance to fail, doesn’t mean that they will or that people don’t try their hardest to uphold them.

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    mahesh Basavaraj

    cool. looking forward to it. make it a video pls. because i dont have much patience for reading.

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    “A look into when to appeal to people’s irrationalities and when to contest them.”

    That stood out the most to me! Sounds awesome, can’t wait to see it.

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