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    Charlie could you give me some insight on some concrete goal setting? I know that you mentioned something of habits in the ‘staring here’ section but what else helps? For example I want to get a 4.0 GPA this semester again but for some reason I’m struggling with this. another example of mine is weight lifting as i have wavered this past month.
    Thanks for your time Charlie!

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    The most important thing is that you focus on habits and not goals. So for instance, I didn’t set a goal to hit 500K subscribers on YouTube. I set a goal to create one video per week for a year. Similarly, you don’t want to focus too heavily on the goal of the 4.0 GPA (even though that is what you want in the end). What you need to focus on are the habits that will get you there.

    So you might choose to “spend 1/2 hour studying before bed every night” or “stay in on the weekend if I do worse on a test than an 80” or something like that. These are concrete specific things that you have 100% control over. And when you do them, you force yourself to perform better in school.

    For weightlifting it might be “Eat 3200 calories per day, including 300 grams of protein and do this weight training routine 4x per week” Totally in your control and then you just measure the results to adjust the habit 🙂

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